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GBC will be hosting Warren and Mary Robbins of Family Reform for  the Effective Biblical Parenting Conference on October 6th and 7th. Registration will be available soon so save the date! Learn more about Family Reform below. This conference will be open to anyone in our local community.


What is Family Reform?

Tagline: “Reforming the family, transforming the world”™

Family Reform is a non-profit organization seeking to minister to the needs on Christian parents on global scale.


What is our mission?

We teach, equip, and encourage parents to raise their children for the glory of God.

Parent Reform is committed to energetically pushing back against the overwhelming fear, pessimism, and worldly hopelessness that has sadly crept into most Christian homes. God does not want us, his people, to abandon our marriages and children to the trends of our culture! He has given us all we need to overcome the obstacles before us so we can be victorious in our marriages and parenting. When our homes are transformed by the gospel, they become a bright beacon of hope to the lost dying world around us.

Parent Reform has embraced a generational vision – we are praying that our gospel impact on this current generation will echo down to future generations – for God’s glory.


Our approach

Did you know the Bible mentions the “heart” over 700 times? We believe it is essential to approach child training from the heart, but not just the heart of the child.

At Parent Reform we believe godly parenting flows from the hearts of the parent through the marriage into the hearts of the children.

In the heat of parenting it’s easy to see our children as the problem and then seek resources to help ‘fix’ them. We’ve learned that most parenting issues are actually rooted in the hearts of each parent and in their marriage. Successful parenting flows from the heart and mind of the parent, through their marriage, and then into the home – by God’s design. We focus first on changing the hearts and minds of parents and strengthening marriages which inevitably impacts the hearts and minds of their children, and for the better! Having established a sound foundation for parents and their marriage we then move on to the training and discipling of children. Parent Reform provides many practical and relevant resources for educating and equipping parents “to train up your child in the way he should go.” Proverbs 22:6. God meant for children to be blessings, we want to help you raise them to bless. We understand that many parental circumstances have been complicated by single parent situations, divorce, remarriage, and unbelieving spouses. Our resources are useful and encouraging to those parents as well though they face additional obstacles and hardships that, by God’s grace, can be compensated for and overcome.


Why “ParentReform?” OR “What’s in a name?”

The name, “Parent Reform”, reflects not only our mission but is borne from our own personal testimony. We both came to saving faith as young children, unfortunately neither of us were discipled well in our early Christian life. What discipling we did receive was largely misaligned with the essential and fundamental truths of scripture. By God’s mercy, early in our parenting journey the Lord directed us to a sound church where we first began consistently receiving systematic, expository preaching from men equipped in exegetical practices. We quickly began to see our hearts and minds becoming reformed and reshaped. And, with that, our marriage changed, and unexpectedly our children began to transform. As our hearts and minds grew in knowledge and understanding of God’s word, we began to witness a transformation in our home. Parent Reform is not meant to be a theological resource, however it has, unapologetically,

been shaped by the Bible. Seeing life through the lens of sound doctrine delivers a perspective that can transform every aspect of your Christian life; and certainly our homes and how we parent.

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