GBC offers multiple adult elective classes each Sunday morning at 9:45 am in various areas in our church building. See the current electives below. Our Electives are open to anyone. We encourage you to try out various classes throughout the year!

  • Leader: Greg Gorman
    Location: Room 213

    Current Study
    A Walk Through Some Psalms

    The book of Psalms contains prayer, poetry, songs, exaltations, celebrations, agonies, history, prophecy, edification, wisdom, guidance, attributes of our awesome God and so often, hope. We plan to study a select number of Psalms to get a flavor for this incredible book and discuss how these are so relevant in our lives today.

  • Leader: Joe Ebersole
    Location: Room 304

    Current Study
    The Parables of Jesus

    Jesus often taught in stories. Come learn about Jesus’ parables and how to interpret them.

  • Leader: Randy Andrews
    Location: Small Awana Room

    Current Study

    Life is a gift, but it rarely turns out how we expect. We’re convinced things like wealth, power, fame, and control will give us meaning and lead us to a flourishing life—but, every time, they let us down. Where do we turn when things are going great, but we still feel empty?

  • Leaders: David Imler, Tyler Mitchell, Jake Wray, Pastor Michael Stuart
    Location: Lecture Hall

    Current Study
    Spiritual Disciplines

    Why are spiritual disciplines important? Join us to learn how to grow in Godliness.

  • Leader: Pastor Lou Hileman
    Location: Room 106

    Current Study
    The Life & Ministry of the Messiah

    Discover how the events of Jesus’ day impacted his life, ministry, and communication.

  • Leaders: Ed & Chris Pascual
    Location: Room 302

    Current Study
    Biblical Parenting (0-7 year olds)

    The class will tackle the triumphs and trials of the early years of parenting. Together, we will explore Biblical principles of virtue, morality, and character, emphasizing practical application. It’s never too early to train your child in the way he/she should go!

  • Leader: Don Meckley
    Location: Room 104

    Current Study
    Keep the Faith

    There are many examples in God’s Word of men and women who fought against their fear and pressed on to finish the race despite their doubts. Like them, we, too, must press forward in knowing God is with us, that God will empower us, and that God will support us no matter what obstacles we encounter or what threats bar the way.