Nothing but the Blood

Job asked the question “How can a man be righteous before God?” The Bible gives a clear answer to Job’s question. However, the question is are you willing to accept what God says in His Word?

Passover was the first great festival of Israel which commemorated their deliverance from Egypt.
Passover was older than God’s covenant with Moses at Mount Sinai and older than the Law and the Priesthood. The tenth plague that God visited upon Egypt was the death of the firstborn of man and beast. The LORD had already struck Egypt with nine great acts of judgment. The plague of water turning to blood, frogs covering the land, dust turned into lice, swarms of flies, diseased cattle, boils upon men and beasts, hail mingled with fire, destruction by locusts, and darkness. All of these plagues were directed at the gods or superstitions of the Egyptians.
One can only imagine what the devastation was in the land of Egypt. Pharaoh still would not let the Israelites go but hardened his heart. The LORD visited one more judgment upon the Egyptians, the death of the firstborn of man and beast. The LORD made a provision for His people.

Daren Ritchey