Social Justice Perversion

Leading Evangelical pastors are claiming that “God whispers at sexual sin.” God does not whisper about any sin but speaks clearly and forthrightly in His Word. There is a growing attitude of accommodation in reference to the LGBTQ+ movement among Evangelicals. Under the cloak of civil rights the homosexual agenda has permeated our culture. This has now morphed into the transgender movement. Laws making pedophilia legal are coming in the future. Children are being sexualized in our public schools. Drag Queen story hour is happening in many public libraries. Erwin Lutzer in We Will Not Be Silenced” writes, “Perhaps nowhere do we see the work of Satan in America as clearly as we do in the sexualization of children—destroying their identity, confusing their gender, and creating unresolved guilt and self-hatred.” Liberal churches have embraced and endorsed the gay agenda. Homosexual pastors and wedding ceremonies are seen as normative. We must love people enough to tell them the truth about their destructive lifestyles.

Daren Ritchey