The Judgment of Ungodly Rulers

An abortion takes the life of a unique person created in the image of God. Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder.” When Cain the first
murderer killed his brother Abel God said “the voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground”, Genesis 4:10. Abel’s blood
cried out to God for justice. The innocent blood of almost 64 million children cries out to God for justice. Do we not know that America is
under God’s hand of judgment? The scourge of abortion is promoted by our leaders. One of the ways that God judged Israel was by taking away faithful rulers and putting cowardly worthless persons in their place. This is an imprecatory Psalm of David. These Psalms contain curses or prayers for punishment. To imprecate means to invoke evil upon someone. This Psalm seems to fit David fleeing from Saul although we cannot be certain. Are the imprecatory Psalms appropriate for our time? The New Testament commands us to pray for our leaders. We are to submit to our rulers but if they are doing evil, we can pray for God to deal with the evil. This is what David is doing in this Psalm. Nothing is more evil in our day than the endorsement and propagation of abortion.

Daren Ritchey